Residential Aria 948 Reviewed
Aria 948
Lynn Pralle Audio/Video Specialist
     Based in Saint-Etienne France, Focal has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for over 30 years.  Specific production and assembly, which is in part done by hand, is all done at the Guy HF facility in Bourbon-Lancy.  Focals newest endeavor - the Aria 948, creates a sound stage wider than your room, effortlessly accomplished by a striking 3-way loudspeaker, two 8 1/4 bass speakers, one 6 1/2 mid-range, and a one inch inverted dome tweeter - bring to realization Focals dream - the return of the true acoustic loudspeaker. Every genre of music played is candy for the ears - and encompasses the listener with the artists vocals and instruments in perfect clarity.  Please be our guests and bring your own music to The Entertainer to demo and delight in the Focal Aria 948’s truly amazing sound quality and find out for yourself why it is the loudspeaker of choice for many audiophile listeners.
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