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"It is rare to find a loudspeaker that offers this combination of clarity and neutrality"
"A brilliant achievement - the LS50s look and sound gorgeous"
“Real Formula 1 The KEF LS50 features all assets of high-end speakers”
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With all the accolades given to the KEF LS50, we  are fortunate to have a pair in the store to demo.  This 50th anniversary speaker took the speaker world by storm.  This speaker gives you that rare private performance when listening to your favorite music.  Vocals are natural and true, the speakers melt into the room and are only admired for their attractive sleek build.  Unlike many speakers, you can listen to the LS50s for long periods of time without any ear fatigue.  Check out the awards and reviews of the LS50s, then bring your own music into our store to enjoy!
Lynn Pralle Audio/Video Specialist
Residential KEF LS50 Reviewed